Jost Wins 2013 Lindau Award

lindau_logo_topKristy Jost, a PhD candidate in the Nanomaterials Group, has been named a Graduate Student Award winner for the 2013 Lindau Meeting.

The Lindau Award supports exceptional doctoral student researchers to attend the annual Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany each June. This year’s meeting (to be held June 30-July 5, 2013) will be focused on Chemistry and Chemistry-related fields. Jost works on developing “smart” and electronic textiles by combining high-tech fashion design techniques with advanced materials and nanotechnology, focusing primarily on integrated textile energy storage.

At the meeting, Laureates lecture on the topic of their choice in the mornings and participate in less formal, small-group discussions with the students in the afternoons and some evenings. A list of the participating Nobel Laureates can be found on the Lindau website.

Jost will be the fifth Drexel student to attend a Lindau meeting, and the second from Materials Science & Engineering.

Drexel Students Dominate Awards at Materials Research Society Meeting

Drexel was well represented at the 2012 meeting of the Materials Research Society in Boston.

Doctoral students Kristy Jost and Riju Singhal presented their work as finalists for the Graduate Student Awards, among just 24 students from 16 universities. Only Cornell had more students place as finalists for these awards, which recognize students of exceptional ability who show promise for significant future achievement in materials research.

Jost presented her work on fabrics capable of capacitive energy storage in “All-textile EDLCs for Applications in Wearable Electronics,” while Singhal discussed carbon nanotube endoscopes for single cell studies in his work titled, “Carbon Nanotube Based Multifunctional Probes for Intracellular Analysis and Microfluidic Separation.” Both Singhal and Jost won silver awards, which include a certificate and $200. MRS board members noted that this was the first time two students from the same advisor had won graduate student awards at the same meeting.

Riju Singhal, Yury Gogotsi, MRS President Bruce Clemens, and Kristy Jost
Riju Singhal, Yury Gogotsi, MRS President Bruce Clemens, and Kristy Jost

Separate from her silver award, Jost was also presented with the newly endowed Arthur Nowick Graduate Student Award for showing particular promise as a future teacher and mentor. The award honors the late Dr. Nowick, a materials scientist who made pioneering contributions to the field during a research career at IBM and teaching career at Columbia University, for his commitment to teaching and mentoring students in materials science. For winning the award, Jost received $500 and a presentation plaque.

Jost was not the only dual award-winner from Drexel: in the poster competition, Singhal and fellow doctoral student Yang Gao won the Best Poster Award for their poster, “Carbon Based Multifunctional Nano-probes for Cellular Injection and Electrophysiology,” with Profs. Zuly Orynbaeva, Gary Friedman and Adam Fontecchio. This is the most prestigious poster award in the materials field, and also features a $500 prize.

Yury Gogotsi, Yang Gau, and Riju Singhal
Yury Gogotsi, Yang Gau, and Riju Singhal

In the meeting’s “Science as Art” competition, Babak Anasori won 2nd place for his entry “The Happy 2-D World,” co-authored with Michael Naguib, Michel Barsoum and Yury Gogotsi. Separately, the Drexel MRS chapter, led by President Jake McDonough, placed 3rd in the T-shirt compeition.

To learn more about the MRS Fall Meeting, please visit the society’s official website here.


Jost’s presentation: All-textile EDLCs for Applications in Wearable Electronics. Kristy Jost, Daniel Stenger, John K. McDonough, Carlos R. Perez, Genevieve Dion, Yury Gogotsi.

Singhal’s presentation: Carbon Nanotube Based Multifunctional Probes for Intracellular Analysis and Microfluidic Separation. Riju  Singhal, Zulfiya Orynbayeva, Vadym Mochalin, Gary Friedman, Yury Gogotsi.