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DNI Shipping Letter: click here

Some useful tutorials for preparing high-quality illustrations for publications and presentations: click here 

A resource on “which font to  use in figures”: click here

A useful resource for those who work on electrochemistry: click here

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Research abstracts from 2nd international conference on MXenes: click here

Safety Information

Fume hood safety video

Risk Assessment Forms — Word format [must be submitted to and signed before starting any new experiments]

  • Click here to download a free copy of ChemSketch (registration required) for generating chemical structures, etc for the Risk Assessment forms

Waste Pickup Request Form (password required to access shared spreadsheet)

General Laboratory Safety Training Refresher — PDF [for questions, contact Samantha Buczek]

Laser safety presentation – PDF [for questions, contact Asya Sarycheva]

Lab Hygiene and Awareness – PDF [for questions, contact Babak Anasori]

HF/Hydrofluoric Acid Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Mohamad Alhabeb]

Safety Equipment Location & Proper Use – PDF [for questions, contact Steven Seon Joon Kim]

Lab Organization – PDF [for questions, contact Xu Xiao]

Chlorination Setup – PDF [for questions, contact Patrick Urbankowski]

Fume Hood Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Simge Uzen]

Waste Management Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Christopher Shuck]

Gas Cylinder Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Tyler Mathis]

Biosafety – PDF [for questions, contact Mykola Seredych]

Electrochemistry Station Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Tyler Mathis]

Anodization Unit Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Narendra Kurra]

Glove Box Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Xuehang Wang]

Plasma Cleaning – PDF [for questions, Contact Kathleen Maleski]

Four Point Probe – PDF [for questions, Contact Yoshito Soda]

TGA Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Kanit Hantanasirisakul]

Electrospinning Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Ariana Levitt]

Vacuum Oven Safety – PDF [for questions, contact Linfan Cui]

Fume Hood Safety – Video [for questions, contact Mykola Seredych]


Safety Presentations for Nanomaterials Group – April 29, 2019

Library Resources Presentation by Jay Bhatt – May 10, 2011

Endnote Presentation by Jay Bhatt – May 19, 2010

Nanotoxicology Workshop, March 16, 2010

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