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Our recent alum, Prof. Babak Anasori, is among top 5 trending authors in the field of Materials Science. He is also No. 20 in the world in Prestige in the field, in top 50 most cited authors (#46) and in top 100 in h-index in Materials Science for the past 5-year period in the world.  Check Microsoft Academic:


Babak received his PhD from Drexel MSE in 2014 (advisor – Prof. M.W. Barsoum) and stayed as post-doc and Research Asst. Prof.  in my group for several year prior to joining IUPUI in summer 2019. He is a rising star. A major star already.

Nanometer-thin EMI shielding with MXene

Our work with Dr. Chong Min Koo, Steven Kim and KAIST and KIST collaborators, which was a cover article in Advanced Materials, the top journal in our field, received unsolicited coverage online:
It has been highlighted on several news website in Korea for the past few weeks and has been translated into English, hitting the news in the US.  Congratulations to the team! 

GRC: Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology

Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology
February 28 – March 5, 2021
Ventura Beach, CA

Chair: Yury Gogotsi 
Vice Chair: Matthew McDowell

This Gordon Research Conference will showcase advances and challenges in the development, modeling, characterization, and commercialization of nanoscale materials for energy conversion and storage. Understanding and controlling the nanoscale structure and properties of materials is increasingly important for enabling maximal performance in energy devices. This meeting will take an in-depth look at energy and fuel generation (photovoltaics, catalysis, solar fuels, thermoelectrics) and energy storage (batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells), with specific focus on advanced functionalities enabled by control over the nanoscale structure and properties of materials. The meeting will foster interactions among scientists from different energy disciplines and at different stages in their careers. In addition to application-specific sessions, cross-cutting sessions will include cutting edge measurement and diagnostics, as well as data-driven design and characterization of nanomaterials for energy. An emphasis on new and unpublished work will make this conference a premier platform for scientific exchange on the future developments of nanomaterials for energy technology.

Submit your application to attend here: 

Alumni Wins NSF: GRFP Fellowship

Congratulations to our former undergraduate team member and MXene manufacturing senior design team leader Nick Trainor, who won a prestigious NSF graduate fellowship. Nick is pursuing PhD research on 2D materials at Penn State now. 

Congratulations to Bilen!

Congratulations to Bilen Akuzum, who successfully defended his PhD thesis today titled, “Flowable (Semi-Solid) Electrodes for Scalable Energy Storage”.
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