Author: Nanomaterials Group

Layered MXenes Continue to Make Headlines!

The layered MXenes article in ACS Nano by Babak, Majid, et al.  continues to make headlines. It is moving beyond blogs and into leading web portals and professional magazines!

Nanomaterials Science-As-Art Work

Dr. Babak Anasori’s outstanding science-as-art work attracted attention of editors of International Innovation. He was interviewed last month and his interview, accompanied by several of his already famous images, will appear in the next issue of the journal. An electronic copy is attached here and here.

New Collaboration with BSF

The Drexel Nanomaterials Group has received a $126,900 grant with  Israeli partners, BSF – U.S. Israel Binational Science Foundation,  to foster international research, collaboration, and travel between Drexel and BSF.

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