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Maria Lukatskaya joins faculty of ETH Zurich

Congratulations to former Drexel PhD student, Dr. Maria Lukatskaya on a faculty position at ETH Zurich. Maria graduated with a PhD degree in MSE from Drexel about 3 years ago and spent 2 years as a post-doc at Stanford University and about a year at SLAC. She will be joining ETH Zurich (ranked among top 5 […]

Outstanding Teaching Award

Congratulations to Prof. Yury Gogotsi who was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Teaching Award from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He was also awarded the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award by the Drexel Graduate Student Association a few weeks ago. Congratulations to Prof. Gogotsi and all students and alumni!  

Congratulations to Prof. Babak Anasori

Congratulations to our colleague and friend, Prof. Babak Anasori. Babak has accepted an assistant professor position in the Purdue School of Engineering, at Indiana-University-Purdue University, in Indianapolis and will start there this fall. We wish him all the best and look forward to welcoming him back to Drexel at any time.

Future of Energy Storage

Watch a new video about MXenes and their role in energy storage resulting from our FIRST Energy Frontiers Research Center (EFRC) activities: excellent video was produced for the Department of Energy EFRC Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research Video Contest by PhD students, Bilen and Simge.

Graduation 2019

Congratulations to all Drexel 2019 graduates! Patrick Urbankowski graduated with PhD degree. Nick Trainor earned a BS/MS and will do PhD work at Penn State next year. Grayson Deysher will go to UC San Diego for PhD. Natalia Noriega will do PhD at University of Brighton, UK, co-advised by Prof. Yury Gogotsi at Drexel. Luisa […]

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