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Kelsey & Boris papers

Kelsey’s paper titled “Flowable Conducting Particle Networks in Redox-Active Electrolytes for Grid Energy Storage” was #6 most read in January in JES! Congrats Kelsey and co-authors!

Boris’s paper “Effects of structural disorder and surface chemistry on electric conductivity and capacitance of porous carbon electrodes“ is on the list of most frequently accessed articles in Faraday Discussions in the last quarter of 2014:
Congrats Boris and co-authors!

Best Wishes for 2015

We are excited to share that last year was our most productive year in terms of publications and awards. We published more than 40 articles including Science, Nature, PNAS, the Advanced Materials family of journals and many
high-quality ACS and RSC publications. Our research was highlighted worldwide in famous newspaperes and online scientific websites.

Our PhD fellow,Kristy Jost designed DNI calendar where our key research is highlighted (See below).

We wish everyone a happy New Year! We hope new year will bring lot more discoveries from our lab.

DNI Calendar 2015

Kelsey Hatzell won Arthur Nowick award at MRS

We are pleased to announce that Kelsey Hatzell won the Arthur Nowick award this year. Congratulations to Kelsey!

This award is presented at each Fall Meeting starting 2012. Kristy Jost won the inaugural award in 2012 ( Kelsey won it this year. Thus, two of the three most prestigious graduate student awards in materials science given worldwide went to our students. We simply have the best materials science PhD students in the world!

Kelsey receiving her prize at MRS.
Kelsey receiving her prize at MRS.

Nature paper on Conductive MXene Clay is published

We are delighted to announce that our Nature paper on Conductive MXene Clay is published. We provide here few links on the media coverage of the article:






“MXene-polymer composite” paper published on PNAS

The paper of “Flexible and conductive MXene films and nanocomposites with high capacitance”, by Chang E. Ren, Meng-qiang Zhao and our former group members Zheng Ling and James Giammarco, is on publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This paper is the first ever report on composites based on MXenes- the new class of two-dimensional materials that we have been exploring with Prof. Barsoum’s group since 2011. This kind of composite films has an amazing combination of electrical, mechanical and electrochemical properties, and can challenge graphene-based or composite films/papers.

The paper can be found here.

Movie related to flexibility of the Mxene film is free to access via this link.

Drexel university presee release can be found here.

Media coverage on our PNAS paper:






Boris Dyatkin completed his research visit to Dalian University of Technology, China

Boris Dyatkin recently completed an 8-week research visit to Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in Dalian (Liaoning Province, China). He was the recipient of an International Research Fellowship, awarded by the The International Center for Materials Resarch (ICMR) at UC Santa Barbara. Boris worked with the Carbon Research Laboratory of Professor Qiu. His research focused on exploring fundamental properties of graphene aerogels and porous carbons and optimizing their structures for energy storage. He additionally delivered invited seminar talks at East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU).

Group photo with material group at Dalian University of Technology
Group photo with material group at Dalian University of Technology
Invited talk
Invited talk
Working in Prof. Qui lab
Working in Prof. Qui lab
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