Blocking the Buzz: MXene Composite Could Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference by Absorbing It

Drexel News posted a great article on our MXene work around MXene’s ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. 

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Updated Stanford Highly Cited Researchers Includes a Number of Drexel University Materials Science Researchers

Thanks to the excellent work of the current DNI team and former group members, Yury Gogotsi is now in the 37th position in the world and the 2nd in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2021 on Stanford’s list of highly cited researchers. Drexel University alumni Mohamed Alhabeb, Kathleen Maleski, Mykola Seredych, and Meikang Han are included in this list of the most impactful researchers in the world under Drexel affiliation.  A number of other alumni, including Babak Anasori (IUPUI), Maria Lukatskaya (TH Zürich), and Michael Naguib (Tulane University), are listed with their current affiliations.

Nature Nanotechnology publishes article “The pull of the MXene vortex”

Alberto Moscatelli of Nature penned an article on “The pull of the MXene vortex” covering the discovery, applications, and study of MXenes. 

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