Congratulations to Kanit Hantanasirisaku for Being Selected to Participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit

DNI PhD student Kanit Hantanasirisaku was selected from a very large number of nominations to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS), where more than 20 Nobel Laureates, Fields medal, Turing award winners, and others will be sharing their research and experience (Global Young Scientists Summit ( Some featured talks include Prof. Stanley Whittingham (2019 Nobel in Chemistry), Prof. Robert Langer (2008 Millenium prize, Moderna cofounder), Prof. William Phillips (1997 Nobel in Physics, he will talk about the new SI unit), and Prof. Thomas Cech (1989 Nobel in Chemistry, he will talk about the CRISPR for DNA sequencing). Kanit will also join Prof. Stanley Whittingham on a small group discussion on Thursday night, hopefully to hear his view on the future of batteries.

Since the conference is online, you can also listen to the talks from this YouTube channel (National Research Foundation Singapore – YouTube).