MXene Antennas Featured in Drexel Magazine

DNI work on MXene antennas has been featured in Drexel Magazine. Congratulations to Meikang Han and Roman Rakhmanov!

To read the full article, visit this link:

Sila Nano Raised $590 Million in a Series F Funding Round

The company started by Dr. Yury Gogotsi’s former post-doc and assistant research professor Gleb Yushin is making great progress. Sila Nano raised $590 million in a Series F funding round. A fresh injection of capital has pushed its valuation to $3.3 billion:

Yushin is still serving  as CTO, being full professor at Georgia Tech and Editor-in-Chief of Materials Today. During his time at Drexel he started to work on electrochemistry (his PhD was on diamond films) and energy storage, published his first highly-cited papers, filed for patents, started a company with Dr. Gogotsi (Y-Carbon). He successfully continued after joining Georgia Tech faculty. His work of Si anodes, which was published in Science, led him eventually to founding Sila Nano, together with Gene Berdichevsky, who was employee #7 at Tesla at its early days.

DNI Won the ACS Nano Championship

DNI perspective won the ACS Nano Championship.

Prof. Yury Gogotsi Mentioned in Drexel 2020 Service Recognition Article

Dr. Yury Gogotsi was listed among those who have spend 20 years at Drexel, and this is his 21st year of service to Drexel University!

Check out Drexel 2020 Service Recognition article in the following link:

Drexel Update – An Interview with Dr. Yury Gogotsi

DNI Members Included in Stanford Top Citation Metrics Study

Congratulations to Meikang Han and Mykola Seredych, who were mentioned in the College of Engineering news article dedicated to MSE researchers included in Stanford top citation metrics study. Several of DNI alumni are also included in the top 2% of researchers in the world.


Congratulations to Asia Sarycheva for Her Poster Award from Symposium NM10 in MRS S2020

Asia Sarycheva has recently received the first place poster award from symposium NM10 in MRS S2020. Congratulations to Asia!

Prof. Yury Gogotsi Giving Seminar about MXenes at Michigan Technical University

Prof. Yury Gogotsi Giving Seminar about MXenes at Michigan Technical University on Thursday, January 14th, 2020, from 4-5PM.

Congratulations to Asia Sarycheva for Her Publication Being Featured in the Chemistry of Materials

Asia Sarycheva’s work has been featured in the Chemistry of Materials editorial opening the first issue of 2021 as the most downloaded paper of 2020 among property-driven publications in this journal.

Congratulations to Kanit Hantanasirisaku for Being Selected to Participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit

DNI PhD student Kanit Hantanasirisaku was selected from a very large number of nominations to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS), where more than 20 Nobel Laureates, Fields medal, Turing award winners, and others will be sharing their research and experience (Global Young Scientists Summit ( Some featured talks include Prof. Stanley Whittingham (2019 Nobel in Chemistry), Prof. Robert Langer (2008 Millenium prize, Moderna cofounder), Prof. William Phillips (1997 Nobel in Physics, he will talk about the new SI unit), and Prof. Thomas Cech (1989 Nobel in Chemistry, he will talk about the CRISPR for DNA sequencing). Kanit will also join Prof. Stanley Whittingham on a small group discussion on Thursday night, hopefully to hear his view on the future of batteries.

Since the conference is online, you can also listen to the talks from this YouTube channel (National Research Foundation Singapore – YouTube).