Advanced Materials 

Two of the five most cited papers in Advanced Materials (based on citations published in the last three years) are Drexel MXene papers:

That’s quite impressive, taking into account the AM is the best journal in our field, not only because of the its IF 25.8 and #7 among all journals in Google Scholar, but also because of its reputation!

Top 5 Trending Authors

Our recent alum, Prof. Babak Anasori, is among top 5 trending authors in the field of Materials Science. He is also No. 20 in the world in Prestige in the field, in top 50 most cited authors (#46) and in top 100 in h-index in Materials Science for the past 5-year period in the world.  Check Microsoft Academic:


Babak received his PhD from Drexel MSE in 2014 (advisor – Prof. M.W. Barsoum) and stayed as post-doc and Research Asst. Prof.  in my group for several year prior to joining IUPUI in summer 2019. He is a rising star. A major star already.

Graphene Council Features MXenes

The Graphene Council has published an interview with Prof. Yury Gogotsi about MXenes. Read the full interview here