Cover Art in ACS Applied Biomaterials

Please join me in congratulating Research Associate, Dr. Mykola Seredych, his 3 capable undergraduate assistants, Viktoriia, Paul and Bernard, as well as our former team members Fayan and Vadym and our collaborators in Brighton and elsewhere on a cover article. Their work was selected for the cover of the second issue of ACS Applied Biomaterials. This is our first paper in this new ACS journal.
M. Seredych, B. Haines, V. Sokolova, P. Cheung, F. Meng, L. Stone, L. Mikhalovska, S. Mikhalovsky, V. N. Mochalin, Y. Gogotsi, Graphene-Based Materials for the Fast Removal of Cytokines from Blood Plasma, ACS Applied Bio Materials, 1 (2), 436–443 (2018) 
View the cover and article here.