Drexel Magazine 2018

Congratulations to DNI alumna, Dr. Kristy Jost, who has been selected as one of the brightest rising stars among Drexel alumni (Drexel 40 under 40). At 29, she is also one of the youngest! https://drexelmagazine.org/2018/40-under-40-winter-spring-18/
This issue of Drexel Magazine also features the NanoArtography competition launched by Babak Anasori: https://drexelmagazine.org/2018/nano-art/
Congratulations to our current and former team members on these great achievements!!!

Nanomaterials Group at Spring MRS

Our group will be presenting at the MRS meeting in Phoenix, AZ, this week.  Prof. Gogotsi will be giving 2 invited talks and 6 other people from our group will be presenting talks and posters (Ariana, Narendra, Babak, Kanit, Mohamed and Hao). Kanit also competes in the Science as Art contest.

Here is the schedule of presentations from our group:
EN13.01.01: The versatility of MXenes for electrochemical energy storage
April 3, 10:30-11:00am
PCC North, 100 level, Room 122A
Yury Gogotsi (talk)
EN13.02.04: Microscale energy storage devices based on two-dimensional transition metal carbides (MXenes)
April 3rd: 4:00-4:15pm
PCC North, 100 level, room 122A
Narendra Kurra (talk)
NM04.03.02: Ultrasmall MoS2 nanoparticles anchored on 3D mesoporous carbon for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
April 3rd: 5:00-7:00pm
PCC North, 300 level, C-E Exhibit
Hao Wang (poster)
MA05.04.05: MXene-coated electrospun nanoyarns for knitted supercapacitors
April 4th: 9:15-9:30am
PCC West, 100 level, room 103A
Ariana Levitt (talk)
NM08.04.04: 2D Metal carbide MXene based soft materials
April 4th: 9:30-9:45am
PCC North, 200 level, room 232A
Babak Anasori (talk)
MA05.04.06: Carbons and 2D carbides enable energy storing textiles
April 4, 9:30-10am
PCC West, 100 level, room 103A
Yury Gogotsi (talk)
EN19.06.03: Effects of synthesis and processing on optoelectronic properties of titanium carbonitride MXene
April 4, 11:00-11:15am
PCC North, 100 level, room 124B
Kanit Hantanasirisakul (talk)
NM08.06.02: Scalable synthesis and processing of 2D tantalum carbides and carbonitrides (MXenes)
April 4, 5:00-7:00pm
PCC North, 300 level, C-E Exhibit
Mohamed Alhabeb (Poster)
Student Summit: MXene-coated nanoyarns for wearable supercapacitors
April 5, 5:00-7:00pm
PCC North, 300 level, C-E-Exhibit
Ariana Levitt (Poster)