2D MXenes Make Photonic Diodes

Our work featuring the first ever “optical” diodes made from the 2D material Ti3C2 and fullerene (or carbon-60) is featured on the international Nanotech website.  View the full press release here

Y. Dong, S. Chertopalov, K. Maleski, B. Anasori, L. Hu, V. Mochalin, S. Bhattacharya, A. M. Rao, Y. Gogotsi, R. Podila, Saturable absorption in 2D Ti3C2MXene thin films for passive photonic diodes, Advanced Materials, (2018)

US-Czech Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology and Chemistry

Prof. Yury Gogotsi will present the opening talk at the US-Czech Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology and Chemistry. The goal of the meeting is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of US-Czech diplomatic relations, is to establish contacts between US and Czech scientists and explore funding opportunities for joint projects.