NMG Members Win Numerous Awards in 2012-2013 School Year

Nanomaterials Group members collected an impressive number of awards throughout the 2012-2013 school year. The following is an incomplete list documenting some of these achievements.

American Ceramic Society Ross Coffin Purdy Award
For “most valuable contribution to ceramic technical literature during the calendar year.”

  • Michael Naguib Abdelmalak, Volker Presser, Yury Gogotsi, Michel Barsoum, Olha Mashtalir, Joshua Carle, Jun Lu, Lars Hultman for “Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides” published in ACS Nano, Vol 6, No. 2, 1322-1331, 2012
Ross Coffin Purdy Award Winners
President of the American Ceramic Society Richard Brow (left) with Ross Coffin Purdy Award Winners (left to right) Dr. Michel Barsoum; Dr. Yury Gogotsi; Olha Mashtalir; Michael Naguib

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

  • Kelsey Hatzell and Amanda Pentecost

Materials Research Society Awards

  • MRS Fall Meeting Graduate Student Silver Award: Kristy Jost & Riju Singhal
  • MRS Fall Meeting Arthur Nowick Graduate Student Award: Kristy Jost

Drexel Outstanding Dissertation Award

  • Riju Singhal

2013 Student Life Awards

  • Dean J. Peterson Ryder Award for Seniors: Travis Longenbach

2013 Doctoral Research Excellence Awards

  • Highly Commended: John “Jake” McDonough

Longenbach, Singhal, and McDonough Receive 2013 University Awards

Nanomaterials Group members Travis Longenbach, Riju Singhal (alum), and Jake McDonough all received University awards at the close of the 2013 academic year.

Longenbach received the Student Life Dean J. Peterson Ryder Award for Seniors, presented to seniors in engineering who are proficient in their studies and have participated in extracurricular activities. He was among the students selected to represent Drexel University in the 2013 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.

Singhal, who successfully defended his thesis in January, was selected to receive an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in the area of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering. Three awards are presented at Commencement to graduating doctoral students who have written outstanding dissertations that reflect great research. The awards include a cash prize of $1000 and a certificate of recognition.

McDonough received the “Highly Commended” designation in the Graduate Student Day 2013 Doctoral Research Excellence Award competition, and was recognized for his research contributions at the Graduate Student Day reception on May 23.

Overall, eight students from the Materials Science & Engineering department were honored with University awards. Click here to read more on the MSE website.