Jost Wins 2013 Lindau Award

lindau_logo_topKristy Jost, a PhD candidate in the Nanomaterials Group, has been named a Graduate Student Award winner for the 2013 Lindau Meeting.

The Lindau Award supports exceptional doctoral student researchers to attend the annual Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany each June. This year’s meeting (to be held June 30-July 5, 2013) will be focused on Chemistry and Chemistry-related fields. Jost works on developing “smart” and electronic textiles by combining high-tech fashion design techniques with advanced materials and nanotechnology, focusing primarily on integrated textile energy storage.

At the meeting, Laureates lecture on the topic of their choice in the mornings and participate in less formal, small-group discussions with the students in the afternoons and some evenings. A list of the participating Nobel Laureates can be found on the Lindau website.

Jost will be the fifth Drexel student to attend a Lindau meeting, and the second from Materials Science & Engineering.